HR keeps emailing me about how I haven't yet completed the cybersecurity awareness course so I guess I'd better get on that.

Might check out what's on this USB drive I found in the foyer first, though.


@futzle it can't be, it looks super cool and has blinking lights and everything.

@ThermiteBeGiants @futzle trying and failing to insert a USB drive multiple times and having an audience shouting "No it's upside down!" the whole time would be a solid panto bit.

@mike @ThermiteBeGiants @futzle [jumps on stage dressed as a pirate, with eye-patch and parrot] arrr. No that’s a USB-sea

@mike @ThermiteBeGiants @futzle zooms to closeup of USB stick's plug end shows a tiny cantilevered weight and motor arrangement that moves the tongue up or down whenever the stick is turned over, thus ensuring that it is ALWAYS upside down and will never plug in ... bwwahahahahaha

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