Teams lets me react to people's messages with the usual expected set of emojis, but I just can't imagine an appropriate use of ♥️ in a business context.

Ok it seems a lot of people use it freely where I'd stick with a thumbs up to mean the same thing. That's cool!

I'm going to stick to bring restrained about it though, because as a middle-aged dude with the word "senior" in his job title, it's easy for the intention behind my actions and the perception of those actions by others to be wildly different. No biggie.

👍 you all!

@mike You've never had a coworker post puppy pics in the team chat?!

@mike it gets used pretty often in my company's Photographers room. Definitely one of those emojis that I have to quickly remove/replace if I mis-apply it though

"just sent out for pizza and beer for all staff for lunch"

@mike I hear you, but I actually find the “angry” emoji more problematic. I’d use 😭 a lot if it was an option.

@mike we use them - it means “I’m really pleased you did that”


Office party this Friday at 5 pm.
💗 tis the season to be jolly! Falalalala!!

And always remember, manage your reputation like you're driving a Bentley... gently impeccable with umbrella insurance.

@mike I've seen people use other colours than red for the hearts to avoid the whole romance implication

@wobin @mike Teams is pretty limited, different colours are not an option.

@mike I have been mildly amused that some of our senior men will use it - but strictly for “that is very good”, not on anything that could be, umm, misconstrued ;)

@mike The red valentine heart does carry that risk, I agree.

Typically I will use a different-coloured (maybe yellow, or purple) heart, to indicate “I love this!” as a reaction.

A simple thumb-up “okay” is IME already carrying connotations of a bland “okay”, so that's fine if you don't want to convey any enthusiasm.

What I really want is a symbol that simply means “thank you!” which is often when I will use a heart, also.

@mike I only use red ❤️ with people I feel some affection for (lovers, family, friends) and only when I'm actually feeling it, I use other colors to express that I'm quite happy about something in a professional or public context, or purple 💜 to express commiseration

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