I thought having an assistant would be like having an extra pair of hands that magically did jobs all by themselves, but instead it's like having an extra pair of hands that keeps on emailing you questions.

@mike assistants should be more like Thing from the Addams Family.
Handy, doesn’t talk, everywhere at once, and always there holding just what’s needed when it’s needed.
And silently appreciative of thanks.

@mike I mean at least you don't have a cat for an assistant

@mike I used to think it would be great to tell people what to do all day, then I got a taste and realized it's stupid questions all the way down. Plus I had to constantly think of things they were capable of doing, and ended up having to spend all day working on harder tasks while saving the easy ones for them to do.

To be fair though, I think the main problems in my case are that I'm not a skilled manager, and my work isn't set up well for training or collaboration.

@mike After a bit you'll learn their strengths and be able to delegate responsibility to them better - plus they'll feel more confident in their role too.
Early days yet mate :-)

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