Three is not a single ethically justifiable reason to have an account with any Facebook service.

Your eyeballs are the product they sell. The visits you make, the content you donate, directly financially benefits this shitty corporation and keeps them in operation. For every news item like this, imagine how much shit flies under the radar.

Delete your accounts. Yesterday.

@mike Tried informing my family last year that we wouldn't be using Facebook or Messenger anymore. My sister was very pissed off. "But we use Messenger at [large public hospital] all the time to send patient information between staff, so it has to be safe and secure!"

Work for Wikipedia, write articles, curate content or whatever, and due to its open license you become the unpaid employee of various platforms who will use your work without pay, e.g., Google ("knowledge graph"), Apple ("Siri"), Amazon ("Alexa"), Facebook (content verification), Youtube (content verification), IBM (in-house training of their AI via content from dbpedia which uses structured data from Wikidata). It's a beaten horse only to pick out Facebook when exploitation is done via open licenses as well.

@mike Not even sufficient. One has to take proactive steps to block Facebook’s tracking or they exploit your use of third party sites and maintain a shadow account on your behalf. Which they monetize and attempt to use against you.

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