Hey folks, I know you love your proxy sites for Twitter, YouTube etc - but if you're sharing a link could you please use the authoritative source so I know what the hell I'm going to be clicking on and make my own informed decisions?

Also 90% of these third party sites are by default dark-themed accessibility nightmares and I can't read half the stuff on them anyway.

@mike room here for a mastodon client with "middleman be gone" that either has a list of redir domains (eg or queries the link and offers to paste in the definitive last link in the chain

@mike I wasn't aware of the dark-themed problem. Thanks for the heads up. I will try to do better from now on.

@cstanhope it doesn't help, I think, that the only really comprehensive article about the issues that I'm aware of is a Medium post.

I keep hoping someone will make some proper noise about the downsides of this design trend and it's looking annoyingly like it's going to have to be me.

@mike yes thank you, I have had to set up an add on on Firefox to redirect them to the proper sites cos it's so frustrating

@mike could you tell me what a proxy site is so I can make sure I don't so it?

@GwenfarsGarden Those things that redisplay stuff, like Nitter, Invidious, etc. The biggest problem is most are self hosted under personal domains so you don't even know what you're going to get anyway.

@mike ah ok. I don't think I do link to anything like that. It's good to know, just in case.

@mike Fair call, I've done my fair share of sharing proxy sites (think I've even inadvertedly blogged links to them before too). I'll double check I'm not doing that from now on.

@rubenerd there have to be some good browser extensions that rewrite the links door the proxy people want, right? I think this is much better done at the end-user point.

Lost count of the dead links out there too because someone ran an instance of one of these things for 10 minutes then got bored. Not to mention the possibility of a malicious actor setting up a public service like this under a random domain and behaving worse than the original source ...

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