Hey folks, I know you love your proxy sites for Twitter, YouTube etc - but if you're sharing a link could you please use the authoritative source so I know what the hell I'm going to be clicking on and make my own informed decisions?

Also 90% of these third party sites are by default dark-themed accessibility nightmares and I can't read half the stuff on them anyway.

@mike room here for a mastodon client with "middleman be gone" that either has a list of redir domains (eg or queries the link and offers to paste in the definitive last link in the chain

@mike Yeah, at least include both links, as pretty soon the nitter or whatever link will likely die anyways.

@mike I wasn't aware of the dark-themed problem. Thanks for the heads up. I will try to do better from now on.

@cstanhope it doesn't help, I think, that the only really comprehensive article about the issues that I'm aware of is a Medium post.

I keep hoping someone will make some proper noise about the downsides of this design trend and it's looking annoyingly like it's going to have to be me.

@mike yes thank you, I have had to set up an add on on Firefox to redirect them to the proper sites cos it's so frustrating

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