It's Sunday Lockdown Movie night! This week we're going back to January 28, 1979 to see "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"!

Supporting features from the era kick off at 7pm Melbourne time (0900 UTC) and the feature movie one hour later. There may be some followup material for the die-hards (it will not be Die Hard).

Stream and chat at:

Handy links for people casting tabs to TVs etc:
Stream only -

Chat only -


Next week's date has been chosen! We're staying in the 1970s, and will be watching a movie that was released sometime shortly before July 8, 1973.

@mike Haven’t seen any from the three months prior, but I recognize a few titles (Paper Moon, Soylent Green, Live and Let Die, Something Something Planet of the Apes).

@futzle we're going to do the poll tomorrow, collecting suggestions in where we discussed things previously.

Decided you get a veto on anything in the poll this week. 😀

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