You know when you have a mind blank about stuff you thought you had muscle memory for? Like your ATM PIN (back when we used cash)?

It just happened to me with my password manager. Had to pace in another room and watch Hololive for 20 mins before I remembered and could log in. Get it together, Ruben!


@rubenerd at some point last year I temporarily lost the ability to tie my shoelaces for most of a day after I accidentally thought too hard about it. Had to forget that I'd forgotten before I could do it again.

Brains are fucking weird.

@mike "accidently thought too much about it"... THAT'S IT! I feel like as soon I pass that threshold, especially with muscle memory, all bets are off.

Quoted you on my latest rambling post about it:

@rubenerd @mike oh man, I've had to actually *learn* my three major passwords like a pleb since switching to colemak on a new layout. Like I want these strings of nonsense rattling around in my head.

@screenbeard @rubenerd @mike I'm convinced that when I'm old and senile I'm going to be sitting in my rocking chair at the nursing home rattling off the random letters and numbers that made up all of the passwords I memorised in my rotate-every-three-months days.

@stibbons @rubenerd @mike "hash seven. No, seven hash. Nurse, was it hash seven? No that was hash seven J, P seven hash was a different one. Nurse can I have a keyboard? Not a new fangled thinkin' one"

Don't know why you turned slightly hillbilly at the end there.

@screenbeard @rubenerd @mike turning slightly hillbilly at the end there" tracks surprisingly well with my life to date.
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