Saddened to realise that the really nice rooftop tent I like is just too big to go on top of Gunter. I need to step down a bit in features for the car I have.

@mike curious how you find them. seemed to me to have drawback of pinning the car in place, unlike a popup trailer or tent, you can't drive anywhere once you decided to camp

@ajft I only think it's something that suits me, just based on how I liked traveling recently.

I might still carry my larger tent too, but this wouldn't be much of a burden with all the space that'd be freed up by the roof tent being installed.

For what I intend to do mostly, which is make lots of stops in transit over long distances, it's a pretty good solution I think.

@mike Even something like a dual-cab Hilux can only have a load of 80 kg on the roof the moment you go off-road. Many basic roofracks can easily reach 35 kg alone. These figures are for racks mounted on the runners built into the roof. Hard bolted racks can take more weight. How about a rooftop tent on a trailer instead?

@dadegroot I feel a bit of loyalty to Gunter now. If I step up in size, I'd rather go to a fully self-contained RV at this point. I'm more keen to see how much I can get out of my little RAV4 first though. :awesome:

@mike I wasn't being serious. A Prado is a serious expenditure (I know, I have one).

@dadegroot oh I got that, but there are older ones that are possibly viable for me - I'm still of the opinion that a bigger 4wd type car isn't the answer though.

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