Got a ton of photos to sort through, heh, Going to be posting random bits here and there for a while I think.

In the middle of the desert near Marree, there's a sculpture park with all sorts of cool stuff in it.

If rusty old rail bridges are your thing, the Oodnadatta track is the place for you.

The area around Farina was fantastic. I didn't see who lived in this huge nest but there were always a few wedge tailed eagles floating around, so I suspect it's theirs.

Speaking of Farina, it was once big enough to justify a post office, a police station, a railway line and two pubs. Now there are barely a handful of standing buildings and they look like this.

This looks pretty uninteresting I think, but I just took it to illustrate what I thought was the weirdest think about Lake Eyre. As you're walking down to the lake bed, the sand and vegetation is pretty much identical to what you'd see at any beach on coast.

@mike Dune plants are pioneer plants! They stabilise the sand and enable other plants to settle there. That's why here in Norway, in the few places where there are dunes (since most of the coast is rocky), people are asked to not walk on them but around them.

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