After a lot of thinking about options during the recent trip, I've come to the conclusion that a rooftop tent is my ideal for exploration trips like the one I just did.

A full RV type vehicle one day would be awesome, but I just can't afford one right now.

@mike I think the issue with a rooftop tent is that you can’t set up somewhere then go for a drive - you need to pack up before you go anywhere.

When I was in high school my parents rented a land cruiser and a trailer that folded out in to a (pretty big) tent. It was pretty good, though I’m not sure how pricey it would be to buy

@rfox totally agree, but in the most recent run I just never needed or wanted to do this.

I hate towing trailers, too. There are a lot of pros and cons. I'm not going to come out and say rooftop tents are the best solution full stop, just the one I think would be best suited to me.

@mike yeah I guess that’s the thing - if their only limitation isn’t relevant then it’s not a limitation

@rfox yeah the way I travel is I drive to reach a place where I want to be/explore on foot. I don't drive once I'm there.

@ThermiteBeGiants running cost is also something I need to factor in heh.

I would love just a huge old bus or something I could deck out but the cost at every point is immense,

@mike oh yeah, as the RCR guys say repeatedly in the review, this thing is basically meant to be your home to live in and not something you dust off to run once a year

@mike @ThermiteBeGiants pitch: canal boat home. Now all you’d need to do is turn the rivers inland

@liamvhogan @ThermiteBeGiants I have a brilliant idea. Attach an excavator to the front, dig your own canal as you go.

@liamvhogan @mike all accounts I've heard from people who have done "narrowboating" is that it's probably the fastest and most fun way to travel across the UK whilst remaining hideously drunk with your mates at the same time

@ThermiteBeGiants @liamvhogan I watch narrowboat videos on the youtubes quite often, it does look like my kind of thing in a big way.

@mike @ThermiteBeGiants I have been told by people who’ve done it the way to go is to have a pair of children old enough to push the lock gates

@liamvhogan @mike imagine being pleasantly plastered while you take your narrowboat up the Falkirk Wheel...

@mike I look forward to your eventual review of rooftop tent camping. Ease of deployment, comfort, etc.

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