My week or so off-grid has led to the initial notes of what will surely be my magnum opus, a detailed critique and analysis of The Famous Five series.

Spoiler: my conclusion is that it is in fact a work of science fiction set in a post-scarcity society.

I am not yet certain if it is utopian or dystopian, and look forward to making a case for each.

@mike If it’s post-scarcity then it seems to only apply to the lashings of food in every book. Certainly there must be a scarcity of something or else why would there be smugglers in every other book?

My contention is that Famous Five is nascent Queer (George) Furry (Timmy) fiction.

@futzle @mike It's a post-apocalyptic techno thriller. After the Event society reverted to mostly agrarian, and those smugglers are moving enhanced wetware around.

@futzle George is a whole damn chapter at least. Lots to analyse there, hoo boy.

There's a lot to support my theory, I feel. I'm wondering if there's some kind of Westworld-esque theme park thing going on. A lot of the background characters speak like very simply scripted NPCs.

There's also Uncle Quentin's "experiments", rarely detailed but definitely supporting an alternate universe where free energy is available - but that may discount the theme park hypothesis.

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