So I'm waiting for the announcements tomorrow to plan anything but I'm feeling like I'm winding down out here and starting homeward soon.

As much as the days out here are glorious right now, I'm not packed to handle the nights and last night was really damn cold.

If I had infinite funds I'd hibernate in a motel for a week until I was allowed into Queensland but I just can't do that.

So let's see what the lockdown in Victoria looks like from tomorrow and see what I need to do.


Wool is your friend out in the wilds Especially at night

@mike 7 day lockdown in SA from 6pm tonight.

I think that means you’re now officially between a rock and a hard place.

@mike shit I'm sorry Mike. Just the way the wind blows sometimes. At least you got to test out your travel setup.

@Funkpirata look I got to stand on the lowest point of Australia, and also on the summit of the world's smallest mountain. Considering everything going on out there, that's a huge win.

@mike haha damn straight. Many holidays end before they've begun lately. Where's the lowest point in Australia? I always assumed it was Doonside.

@Funkpirata Lake Eyre, 12m below sea level. Wanted to go there for ages. Hard to explain why exactly but I think it's quite possibly the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

I'm going to blog extensively about all this, heh.

@mike @Funkpirata “I'm going to blog extensively about this” sounds like a threat tbh

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