Does my car need a small media server for tunes while I'm way off-grid? My audio tape styled SSD enclosure suggests that the answer is "yes".

I'd really hoped to use the old Pi model 1 that I've had for years for this, but it's just a bit too slow to keep up well. I'd also hoped to use the old 120GB SSD from my last PC, but that's too flaky (I am now recalling that I replaced it for a reason).

So now I've got a Pi 3 A+ and a 240GB SSD and I'm barely using any of the available resources, so maybe I need to incorporate video as well.

@s0 I'm leaning toward subsonic as then I can get a client with good Android Auto support and it'll be a really smooth transition if I want to just swap from Spotify while driving.


(it's sharing its wifi connection via ethernet)

@mike I set it up to see if I could one day have an IP phone in my room... a Cisco 7940 to be exact. slight problem tho: the router won't let me configure this one dhcp rule thing to make a tftp server discoverable.

@brendantcc yeah you're going to want a real dhcp server if you're going to play with that stuff.

@mike pff, effort? mike, when have you EVER known me to put effort into things :p

@brendantcc I don't think anything about it is dumb, it's just a cute little case.

@mike The Pi4 is a peppy little machine. I'm using one as a straight desktop, another as a media PC.

And a related system, the ROCKPro64, as our PBX, security system, web server, media server, security cam logging, and whatever odd jobs need a Linux place to live.

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