My last (I think) piece of tech for the car came in. A little 4G wifi router, for the laptop and other stuff I'll have.

Was a bit tricky finding all the various things I needed in one unit - the right 4G band support, plus external antenna sockets, plus ethernet ports for connecting the car head unit ... but I got it.

Only thing I didn't get was one that took either 12v or 5v DC. It's 9v so I'm going to have to patch in a step down converter somewhere to power it permanently.

@mike for anything like this I usually look at They've been very helpful with 4G/5G fixed antenna support.

@mike we have a unit that is 5v 2a, that is what I use when I drive to work somedays

@ClairlyaLily yeah they definitely exist, I tried, but I couldn't find everything necessary in one unit. There are simple USB sticks but they don't have antenna sockets, 12v models were mostly missing one important 4G band ...

It's a bit annoying since everything else in the car is 12v or USB, but it's going to be permanently tucked away behind a panel so it's not a big problem to have one more bit of power infrastructure hanging off the battery I guess. 😁

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