Forgive me for this horrifying image but I don't want to be the only one in the world burdened with the knowledge of what my coworker's keyboard looks like.

@liamvhogan @mike i mean, i really thought i was prepared for anything that could have been behind the image blur. how naive of me

@binchicken @liamvhogan I have to sit in the same room with it.

At least for just three more weeks, then I go on leave for FOUR MONTHS!

@stibbons @binchicken @mike the only option is to go full Flamethrower Kurt Russell in The Thing

@liamvhogan @binchicken @mike Fun fact: Full Flamethrower Kurt Russell is not actually an OH&S violation.
@mike hello have you heard of our lord and savior, napalm?

@mike Did this escape from a high-security military laboratory?

@mike Oh man, and I just ate my breakfast. Feeling unwell now.

@mike Respect to Logitech, or Logitech's contractor, if this thing is still functioning.

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