Made my first concrete road trip related entry in my calendar. I'll be in the Kyogle area from July 15-18!

That means if I want to go to South Point before I start and not rush the drive, I probably want to do Wilson's Prom on the weekend of July 10-11.

Holy shit, I'm making plans. Camping at Wilson's Prom in the middle of winter might be a dumb one - but it's a plan anyway!


Thinking about filling in the gap between the two by following a long-standing desire to visit Mildura, which probably sounds odd.

When I was a kid, I used see the weather reports on the TV and almost ALWAYS the warmest temperature for the whole of Victoria was recorded in Mildura. As a child I imagined it to be some kind of paradise as a result.

I'm not under any delusions that it's actually like that, but I've still never actually been there and I owe Little Mike a visit.

@mike Mildura isn't a bad little town. Good if you like citrus fruit too.
Not sure I'd want to *live* there, but as somewhere to visit, it's ok.

@dadegroot yeah "warm" and "full of oranges" is pretty much my childhood vision of the place and frankly that is enough for me, heh.

Hoping to find a quiet spot near the river to camp a night or two before leaving the state.

@mike It was always a welcome site when driving from Adelaide to Sydney. There isn't much west of there for quite a way, and bugger all east for a few hours ;-)

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