Made my first concrete road trip related entry in my calendar. I'll be in the Kyogle area from July 15-18!

That means if I want to go to South Point before I start and not rush the drive, I probably want to do Wilson's Prom on the weekend of July 10-11.

Holy shit, I'm making plans. Camping at Wilson's Prom in the middle of winter might be a dumb one - but it's a plan anyway!

Thinking about filling in the gap between the two by following a long-standing desire to visit Mildura, which probably sounds odd.

When I was a kid, I used see the weather reports on the TV and almost ALWAYS the warmest temperature for the whole of Victoria was recorded in Mildura. As a child I imagined it to be some kind of paradise as a result.

I'm not under any delusions that it's actually like that, but I've still never actually been there and I owe Little Mike a visit.

@mike Mildura isn't a bad little town. Good if you like citrus fruit too.
Not sure I'd want to *live* there, but as somewhere to visit, it's ok.

@dadegroot yeah "warm" and "full of oranges" is pretty much my childhood vision of the place and frankly that is enough for me, heh.

Hoping to find a quiet spot near the river to camp a night or two before leaving the state.

@mike It was always a welcome site when driving from Adelaide to Sydney. There isn't much west of there for quite a way, and bugger all east for a few hours ;-)

@mike Kyogle mid-winter... but then you're from Victoria, the cold probably won't bother you ;-)

(at least it's generally not high enough for snow).

@dadegroot Last time I was there it was nice days, with a really harst temperature drop at night.

I'll have a lot of fires and drinks to help deal with that, hahah.

Also merino thermals.

@mike best thing about camping in winter is the lack of other people.

@mike have you spent much time at minyon falls? I used to love it when I lived in that area. Great swimming.

@Funkpirata haven't spent much time up there at all, really. Aside from my mate's place in Kyogle and Wadeville Woollies, my knowledge is pretty limited. Definitely hoping to explore a little more this time as there's not much time pressure on me.

@mike oh deffo check out Minyon. It's out past federal. You can hike to the top for a good view, but the best is the walk to the bottom for a swim. There's a nice little cafe up that way too where you often share the space with koalas. If it's not too freezing you can jump the fence at the top and there is a rock pool that's like 2m deep you can wallow in haha. There's also protester falls out near the channon which is quite nice.

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