"Hey check out this new podcast!"

OK, sounds interesting! Maybe I will!

"It's exclusively available on (insert proprietary platform here)!"

Well it's not a fucking podcast then, is it?


If Orson Welles did War of the Worlds now it'd be called a podcast and would only be available to Stitcher Premium subscribers.

Let me say while I'm on this tangent, that I have no problem with people getting paid to produce audio dramas or serials or anything, but we've got to pull back from this "every audio recording is a podcast" crap.

@mike if it doesn't have a RSS feed, it isn't a podcast

@mike Relatedly: I find myself using the term "audio show" amongst people who aren't familiar with podcasts, or who associate the concept with talk shows & interviews (I mostly listen to fiction). They tend to use the term "radio show"...

*Most* of these do qualify as podcasts by the RSS definition, and they all offer downloads.

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