As of 3.4, new users no longer automatically follow admins. This is fine except that I have always used that as a lazy way to keep track of new regos as they happened.

Anyone got a script or good method for triggering a server side script whenever a new user gets through email confimation/activation so I can page myself? I'd much prefer an instant notification over a daily summary or anything.

@shlee noticed you chimed in with concerns as well on the regression issue.

How well do you know your way around the Masto code? I have some thoughts but want to chat a bit about how feasible they might be.

@mike I've set up this (NZOSS) instance (still on 3.2.x) to have admin moderation of new user accounts (due to the prevalence, say 19 of 20 signups, being spam accounts) and that gives me a chance to see who's signing up...

@lightweight yeah my ratios aren't that bad, I've managed to keep a lid on things successfully without doing that up to now.

I'd really like to avoid approval queues though, as long as it's sustainable - and just getting early notification of new users has been good enough so far.

There's got to be a way to hook into the rego process right? I just don't know Ruby at all so not sure where to start looking in the Masto codebase. If I can trigger a shell script with a few variables, I'm set.

@mike Fair call. I'm same as you regarding Ruby (and not learning it) :)

@lightweight Hey I'm the same as you, I run a small localized Swedish instance so I approve accounts. But to make the process faster I made an alert to my phone when new accounts are pending. You may be interested in this?

I'm still working on it in my free time, namely need to include a link to a small web gui I made where I can approve or reject the accounts without logging into Mastodon, and a redis cache to stop the alert from spamming.

@stemid @selea @lightweight @Gargron That is super handy. ✋ When you say "a small web gui" - is this something that could just be coded straight into the #Mastodon code instead of a third-party GUI? #MastoDev

@mike Oh! I thought they were making that feature optional, not removing it entirely.

That's a step in the wrong direction, IMO. People should be able to choose what they want, even if the default is to not follow admin.

@adam @mike

Agreed. This change is only going to make moderation more difficult for instances with open registration.

@mike Oh no, I missed this! Indeed, we then need an easy overview for this. I also use this to somewhat moderate new sign-ups

@mike yeah. I deeply hate the change but Big G gonna plow.

@shlee I think there's a chance to make it even more flexible but I don't know Ruby at all.

What I'm thinking of is a way to trigger a system-level script when a new user is confirmed and activated. There are a few approaches I can think of but I'm not sure how maintainable they'd be if introduced in a fork.

@shlee what I'm thinking is that really we need to just create a new queue that we can push to when events happen like new users are confirmed.

This could be a simple filesystem spool dir, or an extra sidekiq queue that I could just write a consumer for in python even.

Just not sure where to hook this in and if it'd make it a maintenance nightmare to keep synced in the future.

I've been wanting something like this for ages anyway.

@shlee the bullshit cheap way is to poll the accounts list via the API periodically and look for changes but that feels so fucking ugly for such relatively infrequent events and is very single-task oriented. Being able to set arbitrary events to feed an external housekeeping system feels much more useful.

@mike I've *bitched* to Gargron on Discord. He's going to consider a few options... let's see

I've got a bot to scan the new accounts via API and sent a welcome message. so it is possible, I just dislike having to require additional infra

BIg G mentioned a webhook but I also kind of hate that as it requires additional infra.

@shlee I already have additional infra stuff like my ejabberd server sharing the auth DB, so breaking out of the Masto constraints in some way would be really useful for me. A webhook is a bit more HTTP-centric than I'd like but I'll take it over nothing.

Is your bot code shareable? I've wanted something like that for a while to be honest.

@mike @shlee I have no idea why it couldn't have just been a switch the server admin sets for each instance... "New accounts auto-follow the admin: true/false".

@virtualwolf @shlee well to be honest that's not quite the use case I need. I use the list option, as I want people to follow @chinwagnews and it's an unprivileged account.

It's not replaceable by the Announcements feature as I use it for info on various Chinwag services, not just Social. I also use its RSS feed so it's the "source" of a lot of posts elsewhere.

Announcements I keep for stuff that's relevant to Social only.

@mike @virtualwolf @chinwagnews I'd rather just have the feature back TBH. Maybe we can patch it back.

@shlee @virtualwolf if it's maintainable to do so I will definitely put it into the Chinwag fork, but I don't know the code well enough to know how hard that's going to be to maintain.

@mike I used to use the auto follow people to quickly remove spam accounts... that's really boned me

I'm going to complain because this is hot trash

@mike I haven't moved to 3.4 yet but I assumed the option to assign certain arbitrary accounts for new users to automatically follow was remaining? Pretty sure that's separate from auto-following admins?

@mike Oh FFS that is such a useful feature. And it's optional! Why would it be removed!?

@hugh Because Garg assumes every instance has exactly the same requirements and policies as his, basically.

God forbid any instance not look and behave exactly the same way as .social.

@mike seems to be the way these things go. "People find this confusing". What people? Is it actually because your node has too many people on it and users think it's Weird Twitter? Sheesh. You know what's confusing? Having a key admin feature removed from underneath your feet.

@hugh this kind of thing is why Chinwag is a fork of Masto, and I don't run the main one. I've already had to cut out a couple of misfeatures that should have been options, like notification counts in the window title.

@mike I shouldn't have to make a fork of a fork (I'm on HomeTown) in order to avoid losing a single admin feature that is removed for no reason. Bloody hell.

@mike hmm actually I just realised as I was about to write a comment in the regression GH issue that if it works like a pre-selected suggestion it's basically an opt-out autofollow which is probably reasonable.

@hugh I really need to sign up for an account on a 3.4 instance somewhere and check, but I got the impression from the comments so far that it's opt-in and the server config simply allows you to pin a few entries to the top of the suggestion list.

@mike yes I realised I was making that assumption but actually don't have anything to base it on, so I don't want to wade in and demand something that is actually what is being implemented!

@hugh confirmed, all follows for a new user require interaction.

It's also non-obvious how to get this list back if you click on anything else before using it.

@mike thanks, have added my 2c to the GH issue. I don't want to pile on but also this is a very annoying.

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