What's your favorite printer of all time?

I'll start. Juki 6100. Hands down. Absolute unit. Both friction feed and continuous feed. Font spacing at 10, 12, or 15 characters per inch, and a proportional spacing mode. Compatible with myriad daily wheels for different fonts. We only had three and it was plenty.


@djsundog HP LaserJet 4. Indestructible.

Also many people's first encounter with the cryptic runes of power, "PC LOAD LETTER".

@mike iconic printer. a legacy long since squandered by its corporate overseers but unarguably best in class for hella long.

@djsundog @mike i had a freecycled laserjet II for a couple of years. it was an absolute fortress of a printer, and i regret that it was too heavy to chuck in the car when the long-term relationship during which i acquired it came to a crashing halt, because i'm pretty sure that in addition to that marriage it would have outlasted every printer i've owned in the ~14 years since.

@brennen @mike if they had big knobby tires you could just ride them around. they've got the duty cycle to handle it.

Yes the LaserJet II was a workhorse. Many years ago I was with a group of engineeres started a small company. We where around 16 people sharing that one printer using the bookkeepers pc as a print server. We all ran OS/2 on the PC's at that time.
I still remember the smell of ozone in the office.
@djsundog @mike

@mike @djsundog I had an LJ5, second hand after some office gave up on it, and it lasted me for well over a decade. Heavy, though. My current cp1515n looks to be largely identical except colour and more plastic than metal. It also jams more often. And yet, I've also had it for half a decade or so with no sign of it failing.

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