It might be uncharitable but these days whenever someone says "my account was hacked" I'm reading it as "I have used the same password for everything I've signed up for since 2005".

@mike [apologetically] It has numbers, lower- and uppercase letters, and special characters!

@mike I always read it as "that wasn't me that liked that porn/nazi site"

@mike I had to hand over my LinkedIn password to my media adviser today and she said to one of our co-workers “oh yeah when Emma gives you a password, she has to send you a screenshot because they’re all impossible to remember” :awesome:

@emmadavidson @mike I wish I heard that more often. After 22 years in cyber security I’m still seeing weak passwords. On a positive note strong multi factor authentication is now widely available which is a big step forward.

@duncanhart @mike ideally I should get them a LastPass account and just share some folders. In fact you know what, that’s going on my to do list for this afternoon...

@emmadavidson @mike now that’s what I call personal responsibility in action. Good on’ya!! 👏🙏

@mike I know so many people who should really really know better who still don't use a password manager.

@mike yeah I always read it as "I did something stupid". Strangely enough I've never had an account compromised in any way meaningful enough to notice.

@mike I've worked with people (in security, ironically) who do this because "it's not something I really care about". I mean password managers are a thing. At least use the one in the dang browser!

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