In today's episode of "oh god I have too many apples what can I do with all these apples?" I made apple slice.

It was very hard to leave this alone to cool properly last night, but as a reward I get to take a piece to work with me today. :awesome:

Apple slice, served in the traditional manner; very slightly squashed in a brown paper bag. Delicious.

@mike Apple slice looks like a large, rectangular apple pie. Is that a good summary?

@vertigo kinda. Soft, almost cake-like pastry is a necessity and that's been the trickiest thing to get right. But it's essentially an apple pie yes, but traditionally served in squares looking pretty much like an apple sandwich.

@mike I'd never heard of that before.... it looks somewhat like apple pie but squarer.... and the pastry part seems simpler.

@alienghic yeah I never really thought much about it, it's an Australian bakery staple, though. Don't know much about its history.

Soft, crumbly pastry that's ALMOST cake is a must. That's the hardest part really. You know if you've got it right on the first bite, heh.

@mike This was my first hit recipe.

Which seems to suggest Chicago, which confuses me since you're in Australia.

@alienghic looks like the same idea, but definitely not what I'd expect from "apple slice" in Australia. I've never seen it iced, usually just a light dusting of sugar over the top.

This is a pretty solid basic recipe with a great photo of the typical result:

@mike I've never seen self rising flour before...

Is that flour with baking powder or soda in it?

@alienghic yeah, it's exactly that, I never bother with it I just keep plain flour and baking powder in the house. Always strikes me as odd when people publish recipes using both but whatever works I guess!

@alienghic did some searches and this is pretty much exactly the recipe I have scrawled on a bit of paper in the cupboard:

I do include sugar in my stewed apple though (brown or dark brown) and one lemon's worth of juice for a nice sharp bite that cuts through the sweetness nicely and stops this from being super overwhelming though. That's something you can dial in to suit your taste as you go though.

@mike how do you stew apples? the closest I did was make apple pie filling.

@alienghic just cut up the apples into chunks, put them in a saucepan with about half a cup of water and sugar/lemon juice to taste and cook until JUST tender enough to easily fall apart but not so much they break down completely.

I tend to cut them pretty large to give a bit of room for error. For something like this you want some good sized pieces, but you also want them to cook down into the liquid and make a nice firm puree.

I toss a small amount of corn flour in to thicken sometimes too.

@alienghic don't know if this really differs from apple pie filling because I'd do this exactly the same way if I was making an apple pie.

@mike i thought they were similar, but i don't think i'd heard anyone refer to "stewed apples" around here.

just tomatoes.

@alienghic it might just be a regional dialect thing because I don't think I'd ever go looking for "how to make apple pie filling" because I'd just fill a pie with stewed apples, of course. :awesome:

@alienghic having now done a minute or two of research, a lot of apple pie filling recipes seem to include butter. If I had to pick a difference, I'd go with that.

@mike It could also just be I don't know people who bake, so no ones mentioned stewing apples.

And maybe I just haven't read many baking recipes

@alienghic Heh yeah I have no idea really. All I've got is a terribly casual assessment of search results to go on. "Apple pie filling" gives me a lot of USA-based hits, "stewed apple" gives me a lot of Australian sites.

Someone else can write a research paper on this if there's any deeper interest, I'm bailing out at this point, haha!

@mike My first thought was "Why don't you just make a pie?" My second was "I need to try that."

And apparently you people call *anything* that's served in a rough quadrilateral a "slice".

@PAgent it's all down to the pastry texture. A proper (IMHO) apple slice is sandwiched into something close to shortbread - but I guess we also like the space efficiency to get the maximum amount of coverage in our ovens or something.

For more slice obsession, see also:

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