I have been looking for this monitor stand for two days, and have rearranged most of the house in the process figuring I'd tucked it away under something somewhere.

I found it today, leaning against the side of the desk I intend to put it on.

@mike Not nearly as retro as that, but today I had a replacement DVD drive for my old PowerBook G3 from 2000 arrive!

@duncanhart it could be, but there's no labelling out anything on it, not sure if it's a copy or not. Works fine though.

It was in the box with my Amiga 500, so not sure what its story is.

@mike What monitor stand is that? It might be too wide, but I've been looking for something similar and am 100% not above hacking the end off and relocating the leg.

@mike This is my current setup, an Ultimate 64 Elite. I have lots of real hardware, but this is super convenient for switching between PAL and NTSC for running demos or later games like Mayhem in Monsterland.

@ieure @mike The streaming HDMI + audio over UDP is a nice feature of the U64

@scruss @mike Yeah, it is. It's a really well-implemented device. I like the RGB video output, perfect 1541 emulation, and ability to switch NTSC/PAL/6581/8580 on the fly. Makes it a very flexible machine.

@ieure the stand is a pretty cheap Kensington one I picked up ages ago. It's starting to show the strain of having a CRT on it now, but the width is perfect for even up to an Amiga 500.

It's usually used for my C128, I just needed to get out a 64 for a bit this week.

This is the stand: kensington.com/en-au/p/product

It's just a board on a couple of metal loops, wouldn't be hard to modify.

@mike I want to show my kids that setup, but so far they wouldn't know what to do with it 😁

@mike rock on! i am building a new c64 PS this weekend if I get the time so I can get mine back in action.
Also got the 1541 pi hat.

@ReverendLinc yeah the main reason I got this out is to adapt/build a Pi1541 hat for a Pi1 to send to someone. I have a compact little one on a Pi Zero that's my main drive, plus the real 1541.

@mike A pi hgat on a pi zero? Cool, pix?
I am just trying to catch up here. Long time 8bit user but put everything away for years. Now there is all this new tech for them so I am digging back out to play.

@ReverendLinc here's the Pi Zero 1541. I got the board from PCBWay, there are a couple of versions people have shared there. Makes for a very compact little unit, but it's not as capable as the versions that run on a Pi3. Does the job well if you just need a single drive to load images from though.

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