Dinner tonight will feature this fantastic-looking pumpkin I grew in the back yard. Not sure yet if I want to just straight up roast it or do something a little more special.


Ended up roasting it, then doing a pumpkin, sweet potato and cashew curry, with beans and basil from the garden. Served with coconut rice.

Bloody delicious and also vegan, it's one of the recipes I know I can serve up to pretty much anyone.

@mike ooooo recipe please! that looks fantastic! bet eggplant would be great in that too

@hugh @saera @ghostdancer there's not much of a formal recipe but here are some notes.

Start with a Thai curry recipe - yellow or Penang curry works well. Premade pastes often have fish in them so if the vegan part is important, pay attention to ingredient lists. There's a new one that's appeared recently here that's actually vegan and I wanted to try it out for this.

Pre-bake pumpkin and sweet potato until it has crispy edges.

Toss the cashews in the curry paste before anything else.

@hugh @saera @ghostdancer Makrut lime leaves are essential for the aroma. I have a tree so I have fresh ones on hand. Also I like to throw a leaf in when cooking the rice.

Add some green veggies late in the cook; beans, snow peas, broccoli all work really well.

Don't cook it too long or the pumpkin and potato break down a lot, but I highly recommend cooking it the day before and letting it sit.

@hugh @saera @ghostdancer

If you're not keeping it veg, toss in a good dash of fish sauce, it's magical. Otherwise Tamari is a good option, or just soy sauce. If you've got some nori around, shred a bit of that into it.

Also yes, eggplant would be GREAT in this. Do it.

This dish can be a bit sweet, depending on the spice paste blend and the pumpkin. A bit of chopped fresh chilli offsets this really nicely if you find it a bit much.

@mike *YUM* looks fantastic. Beans for perfection, nicely done.

ok I have one of these pumpkins in the kitchen right now staring at me begging for redempion. Please share the recipe!!!

Also, for a different sort of pumpkins (hokkaido or QLD blues), try this regularvegano.wordpress.com/20 the original recipe I used has gone but I ate them regularly at Mainstreet Cafe, Christchurch in the 1990s. All gone now. stuff.co.nz/life-style/food-wi here's another cut but not as close IIRC stuff.co.nz/life-style/food-wi

@dch I just added some notes in some replies, it's not a recipe as such but some details on what I'm thinking when I cook this. It's not exactly formalised heh.

I'll take a look at that recipe and see, I'm not a huge fan of peanut/satay dishes in general, but you never know, this might be the one that changes my mind. 😀

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