A normal email generated by a normal computer system operating normally.

@pelagikat I'm eagerly awaiting finding out if my account has actually been deactivated or not.

@mike it's because they put that asterisk there. Multiplication by zero error.

@mike Looking forward to this one being referred to a collection agency.

@stibbons I'm very much not going to act on this in any way just to see what happens.

@mike I would also settle for mailing a $0.00 cheque, if this weren't 2021.

@stibbons @mike mailing a $0.00 cheque with a letter explaining you expect to be reimbursed the $1.10 postage cost.

@mike I’m going to use this in my teaching as a demonstration of the difference between “” and NULL.

@mike I'm guessing the attempt to charge you for $0.00 probably did generate an error...

@mike Google nearly canned my GCP account because my bank refused to transfer the 1c I owed them.

@mike Telstra have been sending me bills for $0.00 for over a year now

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