I've used the same printer for show posters and flyers for years, and they've been great - and still were up to a point this year.

Totally responsive and fast doing my flyers but dropped the ball on my posters. Took a week to get a reply with a final quote (which I replied to immediately saying "yep!") and I just had to give up today after another week of silence and email them saying it's too late and cancel (autoreply - we're closed until Tuesday!).

Shame, they were pretty good once.

@space_cadet maybe. It seemed like the same people but I only really go there once or twice a year at most and it's obviously been longer this time.

Just didn't gel with how helpful they were at the start ... then just stopped responding to me.

@space_cadet whatever it started as, it's progressed into a chronic No Further Business Deficiency now.

@space_cadet I just realised this forms a double negative and doesn't mean what I want it to mean and I'm overcome with shame and a desire to spend the next hour rewriting this post to perfection instead of Getting Shit Done.

@mike have you tried HP or an Epson?


It does suck when a good business that you used to rely on goes south.

@souldessin seriously wondering if there's some way I can convince work we immediately need to buy a high quality A3 printer for Business Reasons.

@mike any kind of sales poster.

I convinced my business to get a vinyl cutter by making a few decals for the windows.

We saved a lot of money, but that was the catalyst.

@souldessin we're a rather niche business, we don't do any general sales or advertising. Unless you own a railroad or an airline you're not one of our potential customers, heh.

So yeah it's gonna be a tough sell. :awesome:

@mike oh, I think that I have it. A3 folds in half to A4 and so on.

Niche businesses have need of more interesting/personalized advertising. You could print off special, full color, binder covers and booklets that go together with staples. Something that is just different, but good looking.

My dad would always hand out florescent fliers at a convention with broshures and business cards. Stand out enough to be seen in the stack, kind of thing.

@mike @souldessin A3 is the standard size for all railway design documentation in Victoria, and i think NSW as well. It should always be supplied in vinyl sidings when available.


sounds like they got Optimised. you have a perfectly good business.. then it attracts those parasites who believe they can improve things by shaving down response times, cutting a few corners here and there, and suddenly it goes to crap.

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