Back when Windows 95 came out you could drag "The Internet" icon to the bin and it'd pop up a message that said "Are you sure you want to delete The Internet?" and we thought it was hilarious but in hindsight maybe one of us should have said "yes".

@mike and today, if I want to remove the icon of the Edge browser from the desktop of my Windows work PC, I get an error message that only the administrator can do that... :-/

@heurekus @mike
I can delete it without fuss (on my work laptop) but as soon as it installs some updates, it mysteriously reappears!

@mike Back in the day, I was living in this shared flat, where I had admin rights to the Linux box that served as the modem manager and firewall. (By the way, booting Linux off a read-only floppy rocks). My flatmates could reset that 486, and it'd just try dialling in again. Perfection.

Anyway, something got broken and some point, I don't recall what. So I spent some time fixing it, and then found a post-it note on my door saying "Internet fixer".

If you delete it, I fix it, apparently.

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