They don't seem to understand that one can view any content with Tusky and that it is not possible for the app developers to check any of it.

Maybe it is also due to some Gabholes mass reporting the app again?

Anyway, I am super angry right now and don't really know what to do 😭


@ConnyDuck a lot of this shit recently has been poorly applied automation and it gets rectified when attention is drawn to it.

Take a breath, there are a lot of people who'll have your back on this. Give us a chance to spread the word.

@mike @ConnyDuck Or in other words, externalised cost.
Switch away from Google people, all they do is externalise cost, onto you.

They do some automated stuff that doesn't work half of the time and the users need to invest a ton of time to get it fixed, if they are lucky.

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