The rainbow lorikeets are back and "harvesting" my apples for me. Next weekend is going to have to be the big cider-making day or I'm going to lose the race. They've started at the top of the tree, I'm going to come in from the bottom and we'll meet somewhere in the middle.

@mike do they do the same thing as Cockatoos and take one bite, chuck it, next apple & repeat?

@GwenfarsGarden nah they're actually pretty good about finishing what they start, but there are a lot of them about and they can make a pretty serious dent in a crop quite fast.

Given I'm planning to pulp and juice most of the fruit though, a few parrot bites aren't actually a big deal.

@mike that's cool. I just remember how frustrating Cockies can be!

I do love Rainbow Lorikeets. They can be quite friendly

@GwenfarsGarden yeah I love them, they're great. I'm happy to share the crop with them in general, I just want to be sure I actually get some!

@matera they're cute and funny and just loving life most of the time, I can't be mad.

@mike Awww…so adorable…until they eat the last one :( Maybe some of that cheap bird netting from Bunnings? Have used that in the past with some success.

@chidgey the tree is so large that a) there's plenty for everyone, and b) I could not get up high enough to effectively net it.

I'm giving it a hard prune back before next spring though, might be an option in the future but I've already got a lot more than I can use anyway. :awesome:


this is where Meech should climb the tree and sit there, looking menacing.

@Nikolai_Kingsley Meech is a ground level cat. He has no interest in things that occur at that altitude. It's all my problem.

I don't have colorful bird that will eat my apples Just Whitetail Deer Mostly they eat the drops but eat the low laden branches of apples or get on their hind legs to knock more off higher up if there are none on the ground

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