"Let's quickly install NetBSD on this Sparc box..."

2 hours later:

@galaxis Wow, that brings back memories. I ran Solaris 7 on my little SS5, figuring "if I'm gonna boot this thing, let's see what it's like in on the software it was made for."

@tek I have a small selection of Sparcstation (all of which haven't been powered on in quite some time)...

...apparently the clock in the SS10 hasn't been touched any time recently:

WARNING: clock lost 2589 days

Oh, hello, dead Sparcstation 1+ IDPROM...

Well, at least the machine still powers on.


@galaxis Very frustrating, those things. I cracked the one in my Ultra 5 open and soldered a CR2032 holder in last year. It's been working well.

@mike Yeah, had someone do that for me with the other two Sparcstations during a retrocomputing meet some time ago: mastodon.infra.de/@galaxis/101

Nowadays I have the tools to do the modification myself, but I'd really need a handful of those NVRAM things to learn how to do it properly...

@galaxis I just dived right in with the confidence of someone knowing they can't possibly make the situation worse, heh.

Wasn't too difficult at all with some reference pics so you know what to look for in there.

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