Oh well I guess that just solves every problem then.

Jeez that's like major perpetual motion machine next-level trickiness

@mike the economics works great as long as the ball keeps landing on red

@liamvhogan what's the chances of that not happening? Must be a million to one.

@mike @liamvhogan 🎶 the chances of any-thing coming from Mars / are a million to one / yet still they come 🎶

@liamvhogan @mike The main problem is that a mediocre gaming PC from last year only puts out about 320W of heat, not nearly enough to heat my remote Canadian mountain fortress. That and the fan noise. But yeah, the power is free as long as winter lasts. Too bad it's almost over.

Spending additional money on a "mining rig" is for now somewhat too crazy even for me. If my elderly mother starts talking about Monero one day, then maybe I'll believe that this thing can rival the 17th-century tulip mania.
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