You know what was a really good video game? Angry Birds, before it spawned a million sequels.

The original set of levels were really well-designed and were easy to rip through casually but the "perfect" runs were challenging and took some thinking and had some counter-intuitive solutions.

I'd love to play it again but the only versions left are ad-infested monstrosities. There used to be a clean "paid" version but it's seemingly vanished from the world.

@mike oh man I recently introduced my daughter to Angry Birds, thinking “this was a fun game she would enjoy!”. Angry Birds 2 in fact. It’s horrible. It’s hard for a kid to even figure out how to get into the *game* while avoiding the pop ups and bonuses and click-here-to-make-dad’s-credit-card-company-very-excited buttons.

Fucksake just let me send you $15 once off and let her play the damn thing.

@mike Agree. That and the whole NSA using it as a vector to slurp info off devices thing.

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