Attn train enthusiasts. Via @minga -

NIMBY Rails - a game where we can put train lines anywhere we want on a real-world map.

The trailer even includes the phrase "EXPRESS YOUR STRONG OPINIONS ON RAIL NETWORKS".


@austrains can confirm it seems to run fine under Linux, didn't have to change any settings at all, it just worked.

@Stoori @mike @minga @austrains A lot of Steam 'windows only' games work on Linux if that's your OS of choice.

@matt @Stoori @minga @austrains I'm downloading it now, I'll have a compatibility report about running it on Linux soon. It's a bit hit-and-miss still but often surprisingly good.

@mike @Stoori @minga @austrains Yeah, I've found that I have far more hits than misses lately.

@mike I am married to a GIS analyst who has done a lot of work for Transport for NSW, and who is currently in stitches.

@mike @minga @austrains I don't need this in my life man, I was just getting clean getting back on track you know.

Oh god, a train pun, why you gotta do me like that man?

@mike @minga @austrains this is interesting, thanks for sharing

now i'm curious, where did they get 1cm-resolution maps?

@mike @minga @austrains
This is just what I need. Now I can draw train lines for work and draw train lines for fun.

You monster.

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