Highly relevant to my interests, an Alpha emulator:

Must try to boot the old Alpha Core distro on it.

Saddens me to tag an AXP architecture post with but I guess that's the world we ended up in, right?

Unfortunately it hangs booting Alpha Core 0.9, but it also hangs on Debian from that era as well in about the same place so I guess it's just a Linux kernel incompatibility and I'll leave it for someone with more time to investigate.

Was nice looking at the old release notes I wrote again, though. :awesome:

@mike interesting, I saw OpenVMS name there. And it is #FreeSoftware under GNU GPL license. Thanks for sharing.

"AXPbox is a fork of the discontinued es40 emulator. It could theoretically used for running any operating system that runs on the OpenVMS or Tru64 PALcode (e.g. OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX, Linux, NetBSD), however as of now only OpenVMS and some versions of NetBSD can be installed (for more details see Guest support)."

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