Hi, new Chinwag arrivals! Been a while since I refreshed the pinned welcome post, so here we go!

First, welcome! Second, Chinwag is more of a community than a service. We're pretty chill and open, but the happiness of our current regular users is more important than future growth.

Our admins are moderately left-leaning by Australian standards, so if you're an American you'll probably think we're godless communists bent on destroying society. Just fair warning.

Please post pics of your cats.

I am a godless communist hellbent on destroying society. Bloody cat people :anarchy:

@mike and that's why I could never join your instance...I don't own a cat. I'm a dog person. Please don't block me for my spcies leanings. Politics and general banter you guys are great.

@Naeva I'm not sure I can think of an analogy that'd help an American to conceptualise a real one.

@mike I don't think it's too hard to grasp. The American boogy man wants to take your toothbrush and turn your kids into genderless degenerates with coloured hair, a real communist wants to do all that in a stateless classless monieless society.

Suspicious looking #catbellies 

@mike #CatBellies she made me do it, she wanted 5 seconds of fame on chinwag.

Suspicious looking #catbellies 

Now that's a fine belly indeed :-)

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