It's great that I've pretty much conclusively identified that my reverse light switch is faulty, if only I could get the bastard thing out ... it's in a hell of a position to get any leverage against with a spanner, and getting a socket over it is challenging too.

I may have to buy a ton of extra socket attachments just for this one little job.

Also why does there seem to be a gap in a lot of product ranges where a 28mm socket would go?

Oh, maybe there's an exact imperial match ...

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Shifted the bastard reverse switch with the aid of some new big and heavy tools. Cleaned it, checked the contacts, gave it a tap or two and it still doesn't work.

So, time to order a new one I guess. Can't think of any other options.

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Woohoo! New reverse light switch came in, I installed it, all the lights light up when they're supposed to now!

I diagnosed and fixed a car thing!

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