A while back, I cracked open a jar of marmalade I found in the back of the cupboard, thinking it was a grapefruit/ginger thing I did a year ago that was too bitter, and thought it'd matured nicely and was now quite good.

Well, I opened a second jar that's DEFINITELY the grapefruit batch, and it's as unpalatable as I remember.

So what the hell was in that first jar? I don't recall making another marmalade recently. It tasted a bit grapefruit-ish, but now I'm thinking not.


There's maybe half a teaspoon of the mystery marmalade left in the jar, and I'm going to be doing some very careful tastings in the near future trying to figure this out, because it was DAMN GOOD.

Like, it was my favourite marmalade ever.

It's definitely one I made myself, but I have no memory of it and don't seem to have posted about any other batches or taken photos that'd give me a clue.

I really need to buy some sticky labels and fucking use them.

@mike chinagraph/ glaschrome pencil, don't bother with labels.

@cefiar nah - shockingly I didn't get a loquat season here last year! The big one out the front has occasionally fruited twice in a year, but not at all this time. Fuck 2020. Worst year ever!


i have no joke here, i just think "mystery marmalade" would be a great idea for a product that people would be too nervous to buy.

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