Look, I'm not a person who rushes to judgement, but if your username contains "1488" I'm just going to drop the banhammer now and save us all some time.


is that another one of those cabbalistically-derived nazi numbers? i should dig up that Perl code that takes any number and demonstrates, through some ridiculous mathematical gematria, that it's somehow connected to "666".

@Nikolai_Kingsley basically yes. it's like the plan trusters but left wing and instead of confirming a secret pro human cult its confirming everyone is a nazi.

88 is supposed to be gematria of HH which is supposed to be heil hitler and when i last spoke to people who legitimately worshipped hitler they did none of these things.


> 88 is supposed to be gematria of HH

i once worked with someone who was into that sort of thing, despite not knowing what a positional number system was, or what it meant. it struck me as mathematics for the innumerate, and seems to me to be one of the paths to the Qanon loony bin.

@Nikolai_Kingsley i admire the creativity of numerologists while not once allowing it to guide any decisions.


@mike Fuck. Is that happening?

@Rigby_Koyaanisqatsi just search for it, but I suggest doing so in a private session so you don't end up with some algorithm using it to inform recommendations for you.

@mike Oh right, for fucks sake, yeah, good on ya matey for doing that

@Rigby_Koyaanisqatsi @mike

beware though that the use of "88" and combinations of 8 aren't necessarily bad if the person using them is Asian, as the Chinese word for the number 8 also means "good luck, good fortune"..

@mike But Mike, maybe they're just really into James IV of Scotland ?

@mike first thing that pops to my head is always rs232 and the old 1488/1489 transciever chips!

@ajft oooh that reminds me, my serial port card for the PC arrived! I should install that.

@mike What does 1488 mean?

/me is out of the loop on the turds signaling

@mike “But they might be a nice person and censorship and” aww, I can’t do it anymore. Yeah, let’s ban those dipshits.

@mike oh gosh looks like I missed something... what’s the significance of 1488?

@virtualwolf @emmadavidson just one of the many fun things it's required that you be aware of when running online communities!


@virtualwolf @mike ugh that is ... just ... fuck the fascists.

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