Does anyone else do Christmas pancakes as a breakfast tradition? I don't recall how it started for us, but it's the best thing now.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!

@mike I did Christmas biscuits & gravy one year - the gravy had Douglas fir tips added so it tasted like a Christmas tree, and we used cookie cutters for the biscuits.

I keep thinking about doing it again but it always feels like too much work, I'm usually looking for more of a cheese & crackers in pajamas kind of thing.

@mcmoots @mike
That's one of my favourite meals, and the idea of making the biscuits in cute shapes (goats, they must be goats!) will be happening next on the farm!

@mcmoots @mike Douglas fir tips are edible? OMG. I have a yard full of Douglas fir. I walk through forests of Douglas fir every day. How did I not know this?

@KolokokoBird @mike they're so good!!

The older needles are edible too but they taste less lemony and more resinous, and get stuck in your teeth more.

@mcmoots @mike Apparently they are best in springtime, so I will add “eat douglas fir!” To my spring to-do list.

@mike pancakes are awesome. Messy Kweznuf, Mike

@mike we usually do! With blueberries. Don’t remember how it started either. This year we just had eggs on toast for no good reason.

@emmadavidson always with blueberries. Hoping by next year that my blueberry bush is well established and I can pick my own.

@mike We do crepes for our Christmas breakfast. It became a tradition after I made them one year.

@mike Merry Christmas to you, too! I love hearing about people’s food-based traditions.

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