I was beginning to feel like my operating system choices just had too damn much support.

@mike Nice! I doggedly ran that right through the Win 3.11 / Win95 years. Wasn't until Win98 and the demise of Warp that I changed.

@dadegroot I tried, but I always had some quiry bit of hardware that caused the whole thing to collapse in a heap. They never seemed to get the installation stuff down the way MS did. Once it was up and running, seemed fine though.

Honestly, bit of that still going on here now, I had to do the first stage on one computer, then move the hard drive back to the one I wanted to actually run it on.

@mike Been a while since I last tried it (I should run up a vm and see, since I still have install media for 2.1, 3 and 4 (Warp) around here somewhere).

@dadegroot I had the "stack of floppies" edition of 2.1, and it just fucking would not get through the installation on my 486. I really wanted to run my BBS under it, but ended up just using Desqview forever (and still a fan of that today).

@mike Yeah, 2.1 was finicky at best, and man, so many floppies. (mind you, my fist experience with Linux was via a 50 floppy install set).

@mike They were still making OS/2 in 1996? Huh. It's a damn solid OS... which is probably why it went nowhere.

@mike One of my favorite OS's, just the nicest desktop ever. Wrote an enormous amount of code with REXX and just enough C/SOM to put up a GUI. But I built my machine specifically to run OS/2, all hardware was exactly what they specified.

@mike Oh the memories! I ran #OS2 when I got my 486SX/25. The last version of Windows I used was 3.0. Upgraded from 2.1 to Warp 3 before eventually going over to FreeBSD and then Linux.

What an amazing project!

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