Why do so many right-wing nutjob sites have such good, clean, readable themes?

Is there some link between understanding good design and thinking Bill Gates wants to put 5G into fake vaccines to make you wear a mask?

@mike I remember a time it was the exact opposite. I suspect these sites have been setup by someone with money and able to pay decent designers to do the job for them. Also possibly don’t rely on google adds to provide the add content slowly so the site doesn’t reformat itself while you try to read the content.

@gromit @mike They pay a lot of money for their sites. About as much as a smaller multinat.

At $job--, the web developer used to moonlight doing site design for a few of those sites, and made as much money as he did at his day job three desks down from me.

This was also the guy who insisted on keeping all of the WordPress source code checked into git, and his idea of posting involved Jenkins doing a git deploy and pushing a full database dump into the MySQL server.

@drwho @gromit oh yeah I really just wanted to make a silly joke about this, but I have no doubt this is true.

Reminds me though, I'm currently trying to talk someone out of checking Wordpress into source control. You know Wordpress already does that right? If you really want to roll back to 4.7.3 one day, I'm sure you'll still be able to get it, mate.

@gromit @mike Yeah, conspiracy sites used to all look like Time Cube, but these days more of them found alt-right money.

maybe it correlates with spending so (/too) much time on the internet?

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