Just had a quick look, and it seems Amiga Addict magazine only needs 30 more orders to hit their preorder target, and the whole thing happens.

If you've been waiting to order, head on over and take a look. Looks like things are going to go ahead, and I'm pretty happy about the idea of having a new, physical magazine to flip through.

:amigacheck: :awesome:

Oh yes! Just got the "it's happening" email! New magazine!

@mike I mean ... Yeah, I bought an Amiga 1000 when they came out, ported microemacs to it (prompting a call from Dale Luck of Amiga in Los Gatos) and programmed on it a bit, but you can only get so excited about boing-boing and mandelbrot sets 35 years on...

@mike I think what were seeing here is that marketing campaigns have echoes LONG after any hope of substance is gone

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