Time to start cleaning up my preciouses, I think. I have not been storing them well.

I think this is the first time I've had all three of these in the house for about fifteen years. I hope nothing's gone pop and corroded.

The DS10 has booted for the first time since 2007 (according to timestamps on logs). Came up fine, still running an Alpha Core release that it probably compiled itself. I'd forgotten its hostname was genuine-article, from my phase of long hostnames. I liked that one.

@mike You have some very serious archeology going on over there. I’m impressed, as a member of the Commodore 64 generation.

@mike ooo alpha machines, I haven’t had those in ages

@aurynn They were nice hardware. That DS10 there was part of a cluster of 8 I managed back in like 2000, 2001 or so. I was pretty heavily involved with the family for a while. Still mad at Compaq to this day. :awesome:

@aurynn @mike

That moment you realise two friends you thought unconnected know each other...

@mike you've just given me the horrible idea of naming computers after Iain M Banks' ship names...

@mindshoot @mike

> naming computers after Iain M Banks' ship names...


> "fuckchop"

@mindshoot that's definitely the vibe I was going for at the time, yeah. It's great as long as you don't have to type them a lot, I ended up creating short aliases for them as well and it kind of just got tiresome, heh.

@mike actually, going back through a list it really isn't such a daft idea, certainly no worse than the Harry Potter characters I've occasionally used in the past (I'm rather fond of my little Linux server called Dudley...)

@mike Cooool. I once owned one but sold it, unfortunately 😠 I was really stupid decision😠

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