Oh I'm going to have to get this digitised ... The world needs to know the ANU's supercomputers. They have three!

Pointing my phone at the screen is the best I can do right now, but I want you to have a taste of this glorious thing.

This is probably the CM-2 mentioned in this 1991 Computing Services Annual Report:

I should really go to bed at some point.

@mike I want to know what they were up to in '92. I found some old autonomous robot competition tapes from '00 at my school but they were decidedly boring

You can never guess when you need something ancient😉

Although this particular player refuses to play, it simply picks up and throws the cassette back. Have to take care of it someday.

@mike if you can't find one there's some places that convert VHS to DVD, mostly for private home videos but they might do this for you.

Now days you might also be able to get it as a video file instead of a DVD.

@polychrome this is what's bugging me a little, I used to be one of those places and I don't recall what I did with my gear.

I can probably replace everything with a small, cheap USB device now but I'd like to solve the mystery.

@y0x3y no, but I worked for Monash University for about a decade and there was a lot of this kind of thing kicking around. I worked in the mathematics department so lots of people were into big number crunching stuff.

@cefiar Given the timing of the video, it could have been a CM-1 or a CM-2, I don't think it's possible to tell them apart from those frames. Too early for a 5.

But the report kinda kills any speculation. If they'd had any other models it'd definitely rate a mention.

@mike Not sure if ANU ever had a CM1 tho... Know a few ppl I could prob ask tho. Regardless, of you digitise it, definitely upload it to the Internet Archive. :awesome:

@cefiar Oh I'll definitely get it stashed somewhere safe.

But yeah, I'm pretty confident if they'd had any others I'm sure it would have been noted. They talk about another system they're phasing out in that document as well so it's the kind of thing that'd be there.

I think it's pretty conclusive that it's a CM-2 and not some other model.

@mike when I was working for CSIRO in Melbourne in the 1990s I used a cray ymp of some vintage. I would have to queue my jobs up.

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