Here's something slightly further retro than my usual output. This is an ethernet card for a PDP-11. A nice feature is the big Motorola ceramic and gold 68000 CPU in the middle of it.

This is the only PDP-11 thing I have, I don't have parts to build up a whole on kicking around in boxes anywhere or anything.

I just registered for the first time those EEPROMs in the corner, with DEC88 stickers and suggestions of firmware versions on them. Anyone out there with any clues as to whether dumping the contents would be of value to anyone? They're just 2764s, I could get the contents into a file quite trivially.

@Floyd that feels too much like unwarranted vandalism to me. It's not like I want a ring for any reason ... I'd be more inclined just to continue keeping it safe and if one day anyone's ever restoring a PDP-11 and needs parts, I'll have it handy. :awesome:

@mike does that have more onboard computing power than an actual PDP-11?

@ThermiteBeGiants kinda sorta, I guess. This board seems to be populated with chips from around 1986, so it's reasonable to consider it relative to an Amiga or an early Macintosh.

The value of a PDP-11 at that point would be as a complete installed system though, which would include a lot of mass storage and peripherals probably beyond the raw CPU. I'd bet this is probably from an upgraded old installation buying it some useful time rather than a new system.

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