A whole new Amiga magazine could be happening! If they hit 500 pre-orders, it goes ahead.

I really like the amount of stuff out on the fediverse, and the net in general, but I have a huge nostalgic soft spot for old computing magazines. If this gets off the ground I'll be very happy. If about 380 more of you people could also put in an order that'd be awesome. :awesome:

@mike It is fleeting, but some Amiga animation I made many centuries ago is mixed in with the SubGenius recruitment film "Arise!"

Which is not the same film as "J. R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius" (Sandy K. Boone, 2019) available now for rent or purchase, details at...


@onan I think I still have Arise! on a VHS tape in a box here somewhere. Given the other things I've excavated from storage recently, I'm think I'm getting close to that archaeological layer, too.

@mike Ha! Distant friend, I am eminently familiar with that sort of psycho-archeology.

"Arise!" is still a fine film and you're lucky to still have that VHS copy. There are now DVDs and online versions.

Let "Arise!" be the cartoon and "J. R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius" be the main feature in an all-night brainwashing blowout!


@onan I did actually watch it again on the youtubes quite recently and the evening culminated with me watching old Devo videos and drinking home-made vodka.

Highly recommended.

@mike I remember reading through my old man’s Australian Amiga magazine collection back in the day, good times

@mike Oh hey, it's the seller I got my WiFi modem from - thoroughly recommend that guy!

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