I wish I still had an ISA NE2000 or 3c509 card kicking around. Seems ludicrously expensive to get one off eBay and shipped to Australia and I don't want one THAT much.

I've been through my old networking gear and every card I have is PCI, looks like I dumped my 90s-era stuff a long time ago.

If we ever develop the technology to reach back in time and slap people over the back of the head, Past Mike is going to have a really bad time.

@mike I know I had a box full of old network cards somewhere but don't know where it ended up. The shed at my parents' house is a possibility. I'll have a look next time I'm there.

@matt no stress it's barely registering on my list of things to think about. Now I can just pull a CF card out of the back and copy stuff onto it that way, life is pretty easy.

Would be cool to run a DOS TCP stack on it though.

@mike Mum and Dad are in SA so lucky you're not in a rush! 😃

I think I have one in the shed. I'll have a look after work. It's interstate but I think that's still possible.

@mike again, no urgency at all, just something I'd like to play with again. The other thing is to look for a 486 board with PCI slots, which isn't insanely hard to come by.

I had a look. I do have some old network cards but they're EISA D-link cards from about 1989-1990. I was hopeful because they've got BNC as well as 10-BASET, but they've all got the newer bus. It appears that all I have left in ISA is a soundblaster and a modem and a couple of weird parallel I/O cards. Sorry.

@mike I should still have one somewhere. You can have it. But I’m in Europe.

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