"Sure, I can help you sort out your Wordpress stuff, no worries!" said Mike, who had apparently forgotten how insane a Wordpress setup that's been evolving in-place for nearly 10 years can get.


Got to love an organisation that fully embraces the file.name, file.name.old, file.name.old2, file.name.old-MonthYear, file.name.backup, file.name.test system of version control!

@mike Do make sure about a third of them live in the same directory, a third in the directory backup/ and a third in the directory old/, some of them having the same name but being different.

@Coffee @mike also a directory inside the directory with the same name as the one you're in with an entire copy of the parent inside that as far as you can tell is functionally identical except for important changes someone started to make 3 years ago but never put into production.

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