"Sure, I can help you sort out your Wordpress stuff, no worries!" said Mike, who had apparently forgotten how insane a Wordpress setup that's been evolving in-place for nearly 10 years can get.

Got to love an organisation that fully embraces the,,,,, system of version control!

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@mike WordPress used to be so simple to use, these days it feels fantastically complicated. I sleep a lot better at night having started moving sites to use Jekyll - no more worries about security vulnerabilities!

@mindshoot I still use Wordpress on some stuff, there's still a lot going for it when you need non-technical users to author their own content rather than lay all that on one person.

But yeah, I'm shifting a lot to static generators when content doesn't change much mainly.

@mike completely agree - the downside of Jekyll is that it's me who has to create the source files! Some of this jamstack and headless CMS stuff is looking hopeful though - apps that know the file structure, and allow less technical users to edit pages through a site that updates a git repo directly.

@mike Do make sure about a third of them live in the same directory, a third in the directory backup/ and a third in the directory old/, some of them having the same name but being different.

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