I'm working on site today for the first time in weeks and have discovered that nature is reclaiming our offices.

@mike Yeah, we had a plant like that when I worked at the NFP. It grew prolifically.

@pelagikat I'm strongly tempted to redirect one of our internal security cameras to monitor it.

@mike @pelagikat get it to web serve the feed and email around a link to watch it in real time

@mike @pelagikat even better: set up a bot that joins all zoom meetings from internal calendars and it’s just the video feed of the plant

@mike I can't believe that my pothos, after about five years still hasn't grown that much.

@Juju @mike Do they only grow when nobody is watching?

@mike that also means an invisible hand kept watering it for as long. (It does not look like it’s connected to an automatic watering system)

@mike I’ve seen this film. Are there any solar flares forecast?

@mike should we be more impressed that someone has actually helped it grow that way by keeping up the water? :)

@bcshort our CEO lives just a couple hundred metres away and there's been someone coming in pretty regularly just to clear mail from under the door, so it's not crazy that it's been getting water. I suspect we're all watching to see how big it'll get before we come back in for good.

They staryedany years ago with our house. The plants has grown through the walls and now just kinda hanging there on the wall as decore

Woah, you have a very nice office. Individual desks? What luxury is this?

@ultem @mike Well, offices like that for managers are usually along the walls. I don’t know this building, but I’m willing to bet on the opposite side of the camera is an open floor plan for the peasants to work instead.

@mike she's doing an outstanding job give her a raise

@mike Rick Moranis steps into the office, takes one look at that, and goes "OH HELL NO" and books it for the nearest exit...


My guess for what I was going to do after the pandemic was over was to clean off the buildings...

@mike what a good job. let this beautiful friend flourish

grow, little pothos
reclaim this grey office space
for light and glory

@mike the plant
It destroyed its pot
The plant is out

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